The Route in 2022

Mission Complete!

I rolled the (still-running) Red One to park out front of the Clift Royal Sonesta Hotel in San Francisco about 11:00am on Tuesday, September 30, 2022. Here is a 7:20 video celebrating that event.

Actual Route Track as Ridden

I extracted GPS data from my Garmin and prepared a Google Map of the entire 2022 journey with key events and locations. You can check it out including zooming in as close as you like by clicking on the image below or click this link.

Live Tracking During the Ride

My Garmin Montana was reporting my position in real time every 10 minutes which could be seen on a web page. However, this live tracking page is no longer available. Instead, you can look at the Google Map showing the route as ridden and extracted from the Garmin.

The 2022 Map:

AABMC Map ThumbnailA map of the planned route for 2022 is available in high-resolution form and corresponds to the table of planned enroute and overnight stops below.

Compared to other long-distance motorcycle events, the pace of this ride was rather slow, but was still be faster than C.K.’s elapsed travel time for the same distance. With some modern safety improvements and performance enhancements, we made much better time over the modern paved roads compared to the 95% dirt and gravel conditions C.K. faced. We averaged about 40 mph on the open road. The planned timeline below is intended to reflect time spent at planned mid-day stops for fuel or other events.

The 2022 Calendar:

We have an easy-to-use Calendar view of the trip here.

The 2022 Timetable:

1Sat, Sep 10, 2022
Lawrence to Casey's, BurlingameUS 59 S/
US 56 W
Casey's Burlingame, KansasUS 56 S09:06CDT00:0400: Op
'Crankshaft Kansas'US 56 S09:30CDT00:2200:2015.917.617.6
U.S. 56 & Kansas Tpke Thru Council GroveUS 56 W10:12CDT01:4326.644.244.2
Council Grove to Santa Fe Trail MarkerUS 56 W11:55CDT01:2000:2067.6111.8111.8
Santa Fe Trail Mkr to Fort Zarah St. ParkUS 56 W13:35CDT00:0800:2074.3186.1186.1H
Fort Zarah SP to Great Bend BridgeUS 56 W14:03CDT00:1600:203.7189.8189.8Refuel
Great Bend Bridge to West of Great BendUS 56 W14:39CDT01:4600:206.7196.5196.5
West of Great Bend to Dodge CityUS 56 W16:45CDT01:4677.8274.3274.3Overnight
Arrive Dodge City: 18:31
2Sun, Sep 11, 2022
Dodge City to Garden CityUS 50 W08:00CDT00:5300:2050.050.0324.3H
Garden City to Syracuse KansasUS 50 W09:13CDT01:1000:1053.2103.2377.5
Syracuse Kansas to Colorado BorderUS 50 W10:33CDT00:2700:1018.2121.4395.7
Colorado Border to Las AnimasUS 50 W10:10MDT01:2900:2066.9188.3462.6
Las Animas to La JuntaUS 50 W11:59MDT00:2821.8210.1484.4H
La Junta to NepestaUS 50 W12:27MDT00:3600:2035.0245.1519.4H
Nepesta to East of PuebloUS 50 W13:23MDT00:3425.7270.8545.1
East of Pueblo to Pueblo RiverwalkSanta Fe13:57MDT00:0900:202.8273.6547.9
Pueblo Riverwalk to Southgate PuebloLake Ave14:26MDT00:123.8277.4551.7Overnight
Arrive Pueblo: 14:38
3Mon, Sep 12, 2022
Pueblo to WalsenburgI-25 S08:00MDT00:3700:2043.143.1594.8H
Walsenburg to AguilarCO 33008:57MDT01:0700:2025.969.0620.7
Aguilar to TrinidadI-25 S10:24MDT00:3022.091.0642.7H
Trinidad to Raton NMI-25 S10:54MDT00:2100:2018.4109.4661.1H
Raton to Gate at Raton PassOld Rd11:35MDT00:1100:202.6112.0663.7
Raton Pass to South of RatonOld Rd12:06MDT00:3900:2016.8128.8680.5
South of Raton to WagonmoundI-25 S13:05MDT00:4100:2045.1173.9725.6H
Wagonmound to Las Vegas NMI-25 S14:06MDT01:2445.0218.9770.6Overnight
Arrive Wagon Mound: 15:30
4Tue, Sep 13, 2022
Las Vegas to East of San Jose NMI-25 W08:00MDT00:3621.321.0791.9
East of San Jose to Pecos RiverFront Rd08:36MDT00:1000:202.623.6794.5
Pecos River to I-25 Exit 19 OverpassFront Rd09:06MDT00:051.525.1796.0
I-25 Exit 19 Overpass to Shell @ Pecos NMNM 6309:11MDT00:3118.643.7814.6
Shell @ Pecos NM to High Five Eco Zip TourNM 5009:42MDT00:115.749.4820.3
High Five Eco Zip Tour to Café FinaI-25 W09:53MDT00:139.158.5829.4
Café Fina to Santa Fe PlazaNM 30010:06MDT00:3110.468.9839.8
Lunch Break on PlazaLunch10:57MDT01:0068.9839.8
Santa Fe Plaza to Arroyo CalabasasNM 59911:57MDT00:3414.283.1854.0
Arroyo Calabasas to La Bajada HillRD 56C12:31MDT00:2900:207.390.4861.3
La Bajada Hill to Arroyo CalabasasRD 56C13:20MDT00:297.397.7868.6
Arroyo Calabasas to North of IsletaI-25 W14:09MDT00:5962.0159.7930.6H
North of Isleta to BelenNM 31415:08MDT00:4824.1183.8954.7Overnight
Arrive Belen: 15:56
5Wed, Sep 14, 2022
Belen to SocorroI-25 S08:00MDT00:3843.043.0997.7H
Socorro to MagdalenaUS 6008:58MDT00:3926.569.51024.2
Magdalena to VLAUS 6009:37MDT00:4000:2024.293.71048.4
VLA to Pie TownVLA Road10:37MDT01:0440.2133.91088.6
Pie Town to US 60/Road A001US 6012:01MDT00:5154.6188.51143.2H
US 60/Road A001 to Arizona BorderUS 6013:12MDT00:021.5190.01144.7
Arizona Border to Springerville, AZUS 6012:14AZT00:2114.4204.41159.1
Springerville to St JohnsUS 19112:35AZT00:3928.5232.91187.6
St Johns to Petrified Forest (Tour)US 18013:14AZT00:5038.4271.31226.0
Petrified Forest to HolbrookUS 18015:04AZT00:1918.9290.21244.9H Overnight
Arrive Holbrook: 15:23
6Thu, Sep 15, 2022
Holbrook to East of WinslowI-4008:00AZT00:2528.628.61273.5H
East of Winslow to Standin on the CornerOld 6608:45AZT00:124.032.61277.5
Winslow to Old Rt 66 @ Winslow Crater RdOld 6608:57AZT00:2720.753.31298.2
Old Rt 66 to Winslow CraterOld 6609:24AZT00:135.558.81303.7
Winslow Crater to Hampton Inn FlagstaffI-4010:37AZT00:3839.298.01342.9H
Hampton Inn to Lowell ObservatorySanta Fe12:00AZT00:256.3104.21349.1
Lowell Observatory to Hampton InnSanta Fe13:25AZT00:256.4110.61355.5Overnight
Arrive Flagstaff: 13:50
7Fri, Sep 16, 2022
Hampton Inn Flagstaff to US 89 & FR 417US 8908:00AZT00:2116.716.71372.2H
US 89 & FR 417 to Coconino Rim RdOld Trail08:41AZT03:2651.668.31423.8
Coconino Rim Rd to El Tovar HotelCoco. Rd12:17AZT00:4013.481.71437.2
Lunch Break in Grand Canyon VillageLunch13:17AZT00:000.081.71437.2
Grand Canyon to North of WilliamsAZ 7413:47AZT01:0356.6138.31493.8H
North of Williams to Shell Gas, WilliamsOld 6614:50AZT00:084.3142.61498.1H
Shell Gas Williams to Ash ForkI-40 W14:58AZT00:1416.0158.61514.1H
Ash Fork Exit to Ash Fork I-40 OnrampI-40 W15:32AZT00:041.4160.01515.5
Ash Fork I-40 to Nelson EntranceAZ 6615:36AZT01:1751.7211.71567.2
Nelson Entrance to Peach SpringsRd 1916:53AZT00:299.9221.61577.1Overnight
Arrive Peach Springs: 17:22
8Sat, Sep 17, 2022
Peach Springs to Northeast of Kingman AZ 6609:00AZT00:4043.043.01620.1H
NE of Kingman to SE of KingmanOld 6610:00AZT00:3012.655.61632.7
Southeast of Kingman to YuccaFront Rd10:30AZT00:4017.072.61649.7
Yucca to Old Trails BridgeI-40 W11:30AZT00:2528.6101.21678.3H
Old Trails Br. to 5 Miles Rd (Needles CA)I-40 W12:15AZT00:127.4108.61685.7
5 Miles Road to Santa Fe Park, Needles CA5 Mi Rd12:27PDT00:177.3115.91693.0
Santa Fe Park to Wagon Wheel (Needles)Old 6612:44PDT00:081.5117.41694.4
Wagon Wheel to Goffs Rd, FennerI-40/US 9512:52PDT00:2215.0130.91708.0
Goffs Rd to County Rte 66, FennerUS 9513:14PDT00:3624.5155.41732.5
Fenner to LudlowCA 6013:50PDT01:4067.0222.41799.5
Ludlow to BarstowI-4015:50PDT00:4749.0271.41848.5H Overnight
Arrive Barstow: 16:37
9Sun, Sep 18, 2022
Barstow to HesperiaI-1508:00PDT01:0552.552.51901.0H
Hesperia to Arrowhead Monument, San BernardinoRt 13809:25PDT01:0025.177.61926.1
San Bernardino to 928 S Broadway, Los AngelesI-210/60510:45PDT01:1265.0142.61991.1H
928 S Broadway to Hotel Clark, 426 S Hill StDowntown12:17PDT00:050.9143.51992.0
Hotel Clark to 205 N Grand AveDowntown12:42PDT00:040.7144.21992.7
205 N Grand Ave to Ventura Fwy/Coldwater CanyonUS 10113:06PDT00:1612.9157.12005.6H
Ventura Fwy/Coldwater Canyon to East of VenturaUS 10113:38PDT00:5050.3207.42055.9H
East of Ventura to Rincon BeachUS 10114:48PDT00:3612.3219.72068.2
Rincon Beach to Hampton Inn GoletaUS 10115:54PDT01:1227.3247.02095.5Overnight
Arrive Goleta: 17:06
10Mon, Sep 19, 2022
Goleta to Old Coast Highway IntersectionUS 10108:00PDT00:4529.229.22124.7
Old Coast Hwy Intx to Solvang Motorcycle MuseumOld Coast08:45PDT00:237.837.02132.5
Solvang Motorcycle Museum to Los OlivosAlamo09:08PDT00:186.243.22138.7
Los Olivos to US 101 Offramp NipomoUS 10109:47PDT00:3438.681.82177.3H
US 101 Offramp Nipomo to Shell BeachUS 10110:41PDT00:4015.096.82192.3
Shell Beach to San Luis ObispoUS 10111:21PDT00:279.1105.92201.4
San Luis Obispo to South of Paso RoblesUS 10111:48PDT00:3825.9131.82227.3
South of Paso Robles to San MiguelUS 10112:26PDT00:2111.4143.22238.7
San Miguel to ArdoUS 10113:07PDT00:2022.4165.62261.1H
Ardo to King City (Chevron Station)Cattlemen13:47PDT00:3621.3186.92282.4
King City (Chevron Station) to GonzalesUS 10114:23PDT00:4127.8214.72310.2
Gonzales to ChualarUS 10115:05PDT00:187.6222.32317.7
Chualar to North of SalinasSan Juan Grade Road15:23PDT00:3614.4236.72332.1
North of Salinas to GilroySan Juan Grade Road15:59PDT00:5525.0261.72357.1Overnight
Arrive Gilroy: 16:54
11Tue, Sep 20, 2022
Gilroy to Shell Gas, San JoseMonterey08:00PDT01:0728.128.12385.2
Shell Gas (San Jose) to Chevron, 101 Bayshore SFUS 10109:27PDT00:5149.077.12434.2H
Chevron, 101 Bayshore SF, to Clift HotelPotrero10:38PDT00:273.780.82437.9FINISH!
Arrive Clift Hotel San Francisco: 11:05