About Mark’s 2022 Trip

This 2022 journey is being undertaken as a conclusion to the centennial tribute ride begun in 2019. Captain C.K. Shepherd’s traveled the same route one hundred years ago in 1919 on the same make, model, and year motorcycle, a 1919 Henderson Model Z-2 Four-Cylinder motorcycle.

Included on this page introduction to various topics with links to obtain more information.

  • The Route in 2022: Because there is occasional ambiguity as to exact route taken by C.K. and because some of the roads that C.K. rode on are no longer there or are not accessible, it will be impossible to ride over all the exact roads that C.K. took. You will find the planned map, actual tracking, and the daily timeline on the Route page.
  • The Calendar: Although a timeline of the ride is available on the Route page, we have a calendar page that will be maintained to provide as much information as possible about scheduled events prior to, during, and after the ride.