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Important © Copyright Notice

First published in London in 1922, Across America by Motor-Cycle (“the Work”) remains copyrighted in the United Kingdom until December 31, 2041. Mark Hunnibell has been granted the exclusive license to republish the Work in the UK and elsewhere. The license is comprehensive and includes the exclusive right to reproduce the Work and all derivative work such as new books, audio recordings, motion pictures. It should be noted that the AABMC Publications’ reproduction of the 1922 book advertised on this web site (and the 2019 “Annotated Edition”) contains original proof images from C.K. Shepherd’s personal archives; they are not scans of any print book. As such, even the 1922 book advertised on this web site is copyrighted 2018, all rights reserved.

Fully Annotated Centennial Edition

Cover: Across America by Motor-Cycle : Fully Annotated Centennial EditionMy new edition of this classic book, Across America by Motor-Cycle – Fully Annotated Centennial Edition, is now available in paperback in bookstores and online at amazon.com and barnsandnoble.com!

At 492 pages, the new paperback book more than doubles the page count of the 1922 classic by adding almost 750 detailed notes and almost 250 photos, figures, maps, and illustrations. It also includes many photographs C.K. took himself on his trip but did not make it into the book. It includes a foreword from C.K. Shepherd’s son, short biographies of me and C.K., a complete bibliography, and a comprehensive index.

A new eBook version of the Fully Annotated Centennial Edition is now available in formats viewable on Kindle, iBooks, and others. The eBook has complete internal hyperlinks that allow you to easily jump to the note and back to the text. Get the eBook:

for Kindle at amazon.com
for iBooks at apple.com

The 1922 Classic

The 1922 classic book is also now available in remastered and reset Paperback and Kindle format. These books are the result of countless hours of careful transcription and error checking. They also contain high-resolution images scanned from original film transparencies from C.K. Shepherd’s personal archives.

The Audio Book

But I also am presenting the first and only authorized audiobook of the 1922 classic. This audiobook came out better than I imagined. Will de Renzy-Martin, a professional narrator, renders all the words in C.K.’s book with his wonderful age-appropriate British accent. The sample you can hear for free is only the tip of the iceberg. When you listen to this book and close your eyes, it is as if C.K. himself is with you telling you about his adventures.


Get Your Copy Autographed

I have a limited supply of the first edition of the Fully Annotated Centennial Edition, so if you would like an autographed copy of this book, send an email to mark@acrossamericabymotorcycle.com with the desired inscription and I will mail you a book (we can sort out payment via PayPal or Venmo… USD $30 postpaid worldwide).

I hope you’ll consider making the small investment on one or more of these books to help celebrate and remember the historic journey taken by C.K. Shepherd 100 years ago.